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Conquer your life’s purpose or organization’s vision.

Our Life Coach services:

Are you lost in life and don’t know where to start from? Well, no worries! Our life coaching sessions can be quite handy for you – you can either avail of group coaching or one-on-one coaching.
All our coaching sessions are target-oriented, and we intentionally endeavor to guide you to complete the next steps that produce concrete results. The basic purpose of these sessions is to motivate your team and activate them to work with a new objective. These intent-driven sessions will catapult your business because our coaching is the answer to discovering potential!
Our philosophy at Iczake is to provide life-transforming coaching to the clients. We try our best that all our sessions are meaningful, purposeful, and deeply insightful. Our team pays special attention to ensure that your company is poised to deliver the masterstroke in all your projects. We accomplish this through two steps: the first step is to examine your starting point, so we can ascertain your pain points and barriers, enabling us to give precise activations that expedite your personal and organization’s ambitions.


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  • 1 30 min Session
  • Personalized Action Plan


  • 2 30 min Session
  • Personalized Action Plan


  • 3 30 min Session
  • Personalized Action Plan


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