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Are you struggling to build a new brand? Well, Iczake is here to assist you in your journey and help you in developing user-friendly websites. Moreover, we focus on strong marketing strategies that eventually increase traffic and grab more customers. Hire us and open a new path of success and growth for your start-up. Our team is well-trained and well-experienced to offer you a customized solution that suits your business needs to the best.



Brand Positioning – Your Rising Statement

In a world of choice, variety, and excess, you need social media branding that will guarantee you stand out and ensure you're seen.

We’ve developed branding strategies that will put you on the path to success and position you and your business as a powerhouse.

We will craft your social media branding to be superior, something that will relay your powerful brand message to your audience, so it is memorable.


Graphics and Content Go Hand in Hand

Your work is magnificent. You need a web copy and graphics that convey that.
ICzake’s world-class design and content creation include every aspect of your marketing distribution - in both new and traditional media. You can expect superior logos, websites, PR material, promo, copy, business names, and more. Our expertise and dedication to your content and design will make your work enthralling and speak for its magnificence.

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Public Relations – Make Your Words Echo

PR is the heartbeat of media and crucial for promotion.

Don’t settle for being put on the map – conquer it. We’ll teach you to capture the attention of the masses with our in-depth training. We formulate our training, modules, and guides to help freelancers and small businesses maximize every PR opportunity and capture the attention of mainstream and mass media.

In our training, you’ll learn the secrets to unleash your purpose and secure your vision with our Marketing Makeovers and Banding Bootcamps that will enable you to reclaim your future through effective PR.


Wise Words

Establish yourself and your business as a trailblazer.

Every business needs dynamic, engaging, compelling – and most importantly – performance-driven content. ICzake formulates content that is action-inducing. This content isn’t only based on algorithms and data, but is based on real-world cases that display how effective our content is at reaping the results you want. Whether it’s a call script, web content, or email marketing. Prompt your audience to make a decision that advances your business with content that transcends its digital format.


Rejuvenate Your Website

Your work is magnificent. You need a web copy and graphics that convey that.
ICzake’s world-class design and content creation include every aspect of your marketing distribution - in both new and traditional media. You can expect superior logos, websites, PR material, promo, copy, business names, and more. Our expertise and dedication to your content and design will make your work enthralling and speak for its magnificence.


Credit Repair

Restore your credit to unlock limitless opportunities.

As a multifaceted digital agency that understands our community and clients, we’re committed to your success. We provide private coaching & counseling to help you eradicate debt and restore your credit. Our 30-minute free consultation is all we’ll need to establish an action-plan and get you on the right track. Contact us to book it.


Analytics & Decision Support

You need data-driven solutions to overcome what’s holding you back.

Identify promising niches, optimize sales, and pivot your business to success. Our team is here to identify, solve, and anticipate the issues your business is – and could – encounter through the numerous signals revealed through the data.

We are experts at analyzing big data and filtering it to develop the key actions your business needs to take now to guarantee the results you want. Data, strategies, and support don’t need to be complicated. Choose us as your partners, and we will ensure you’re reaching your potential.



Find employees that sync with your organization’s strategy and values.

We’ll connect you with the sort of talent that will propel your business. ICzake specializes in headhunting talent that serves your small business. We do this by formulating a goal-oriented personnel strategy that caters to your needs and outcomes. All our placements have above-industry retention because we understand that small businesses need committed and loyal staff to excel.


Life Coaching

Conquer your life’s purpose or organization’s vision.

We conduct life coaching across two verticals: group coaching and one-on-one coaching.

Every coaching session is intentional to guide you to complete the next steps that produce concrete results. These intent-driven sessions will activate your team and catapult your business because our coaching is the answer to discovering potential.

The ICzake life coaching philosophy is to create sessions that are meaningful, purposeful, and deeply insightful. We build our sessions to ensure your company is poised to deliver the masterstroke in all your projects. We accomplish this through two steps: the first step is to examine your starting point, so we can ascertain your pain points and barriers, enabling us to give precise activations that expedite your personal and organization’s ambitions.


Taylor’d Entertainment

Tailor your entertainment roster – and abilities – with Taylor’d Entertainment.

Our mission is two-pronged: we place and develop talent.

Placing Talent: Taylor’d Entertainment works at curating talent for your films, concerts, events, commercials, and projects while mentoring prospective talent so they’re ready to take the stage.

Developing Talent: We believe that you shouldn’t bury your talents. Therefore, we use our expertise to help you extract your dormant abilities so you can unveil it to the world.

We determine our success by your success, because we dedicate our resources to accelerating your goals. 


Business Plan Development

For any business, a business plan serves as a road map. It redirects you towards the right path and helps to lay the foundation of the business. Especially if you are a new business or consortium trying to come up with new products or services, a solid business plan is what you need the most. It will increase the chances of your business success by appraising viabilities, reflecting potential risks, and expressing strategies. You can also represent your business plan to acquire funds from external parties. Let us help you set up a comprehensive business plan and compiling the necessary information. Our business plan development service features;

  1. Developing a new business plan from scratch.
  2. Reviewing or updating a new business plan.
  3. Formulating a business case for any new product.

Rejuvenate Your Website

Producing countless engaging websites, ICzake offers perfect navigation, professional copy, impressive design, and smooth flow. Worried about Word Press site? Our team will exceed your expectations by providing creative content and production whereas our web designers will transform the website into a gem. With self-build websites like Wix or Square Space, let ICzakehandle your worries.

Your business won’t survive without the successful social media campaigns and our super talented workforce doesn’t just provide an ultimate solution for attractive digital imagery or photography but also allow you the bragging rights by delivering the vibrant and electrifying work.

Effective marketing is a product of a balance between print and digital promotion. Along with brochures, posters, and postcards, ICzake will provide creative videos, e-books, and posts for guaranteed social media promotions.

The print still marks its significance in this digitally globalized world where print ads, postcards, flyers, and brochures are essentials of the latest marketing toolkit. It is extremely affordable and it goes conjointly with your online activities. Thus, the print is a mosaiced piece to complete a jigsaw puzzle.


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